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A new feature which will give a better overview of all existing events.

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There could be many reasons which will prevent an indie developer from releasing a game. The most common reason is the technique of a game - the scripting part.
It is really hard for a developer to search for the origin of bugs if a game becomes really big.
I did not find a solution for this problem, but from now on the Event Management Tool of YRPG Toolkit will offer support.
At first you will notice the new tree-view. You can create folders and put events inside. This eliminates the chaos where all events were shown in a single list. So far so good.
But what is the matter with those symbols of every entry?

The Event Management Tool is a powerful Tool which allows you to create your very own gameplay.
But not every event will be perfect after its creation.
That is the reason of the symbols. Mark your events as 'Critical', 'Work in Progress' or 'Tested'. The Main node of every event-collection will tell you if there is any unfinished work.
Another keyword which leads to this feature is 'Teamwork'. If you do not work alone, other Team Members will find easily weak points of an event-collection.
It is also possible to create an information for every created event.

This feature is not really an improvement of the game-engine but it will improve the workflow of the game creation process.

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