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Well, there's still a lot to do with MOASS, most of it is balancing and creating the Multiplayer component. This will be a multiplayer mod and it will aim at realism without being unplayable. Mainly your Men of War but taken to another level.

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A lot of balancing needs to be done to ensure the multiplayer is fresh and playable.
I still need to think wether I add vehicles into the mix.

Ammo and weapon accuracy have been reworked to reward the use of brust fire.
So far the mod has over 120 new weapons hundreds of skins and several vehicles, popular from other mods but with its armament reworked to work properly in this one.
Completly new sondtrack.
Unique weapon sounds.
And more to come soon...

Thanks to:
EFAE Team (Weapons and skins)
Vora_bat (Vehicles, weapons and skins)
Attila1945 (Weapons and skins)
Afghanistan mod team (Vehicles, Skins)

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