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This is the list of things I still have to do until the first release. As real life is real life and my free time is now not that extended, pls be patient with this mod. I know many of you are dying do play this and if everything goes as planned, to have a beta out in 2 weeks tops.

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Hi! here's a list of what I still need to do until the first beta is out:

- icons for all ships(thanks the Old Dragon for your tutorial)
- reworked hardpointing on several ships(thanks the Old Dragon again :D)
- a bit of shileld/weapon balancing
- a brand new GUI

New models, and (I hope) working cloaking devices for klingons and romulans as well as a better AI I have planned for the next releases(real life has just become very busy and so far I dunno when I'll complete this).

I'm curently looking for several ship models and if any of you guys can help me pls tell me. I need:
- Prometheus
- Norway
- Achilles
- Kvort
- Neghvar with the 2 disruptors under the wings
- Dominion battleship
- the borg ship form TNG:Descent
- Reman Scimitar
- Cardassian Hideki

I'm also looking for an AI coder(I still dunno much about this I'm affraid) as well as someone who can help me make a new GUI. If you wanna help me PM me or email me at:
Pls advise that there's no mod site so far(and I dunno if there will ever be) so any questions and suggestions you might have I'll take them here for now.

Thanks! Stay tunned for more updates :)

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