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Posting a quick update to let you all know I am still working hard on the mod, just have been busy lately and haven't updated this site.

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Hi all, I just wanted to quickly post a screenshot or two and let you all know I am still hard at work on this project. I have been very busy lately, but that hasn't stopped me from getting some time in with the mod. I have done a ton of gfx,localization,culture,religion, and de jure titles conversions and creation lately. I will be elaborating this weekend on my progress to date and what parts are taking more of my time than expected. I would also like to mention that I have stopped working on governments and associated cultural and political events/modifiers until after Charlemagne as I am very excited to see the changes it will bring...playing as an iberian, celtic, or germanic tribe may become much more interesting! In terms of my overall progress, I will summarize:All of Europe, from spain to central poland and EVERYTHING south of that area (Italy, N.Africa, Malta, Sicily, Carthage, Egypt, Kush, Moab, Assyria, Israel, Ancient Arabia, most of Persia, Cimmeria, Sarmatia, Anatolia, Phoenicia, Cyprus, all of Greece, Macedonia,Illyria, Thrace etc have ALL been converted to their appropriate 653BC cultures... I don't actually have a count of how many new cultures that is, but it is around at least 40 and I currently have 15 unique cultural appearances many of which have custom apparel etc (such as helmets, olive wreaths, unique crowns etc) so I have not been idle :)I have many features which are still in the works which are awaiting development until I basically convert all of the vanilla events, localizations, and titles to their culturally appropriate names etc. Ancient Egypt is probably the most "completed" culture at this point and has several custom decisions and events scripted to it already. (Such as holding a Royal Lion Hunt, going on a tour of your lands and visiting your people, and making a pilgrimage to the Great Temple of Isis {although it didn't exist for certain for another 100 years :( I wanted to give them a famous landmark to visit})

Anyhow, I will post a more in-depth dev diary this weekend to share some of my progress and show some screenshots etc.

I have posted 2 screenshots to the gallery for now show casing some of the interesting characters in my recent playtest :)


Im guessing after Charlemagne comes out the first alpha version of this mod will be released?

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Godream_Interactive Author

I would like to release an alpha with some factions entirely playable by early november... so a few weeks, right now many of the vanilla events are still present and throw off the immersion :)

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