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Here is a work in progress on the overhaul-level design of Meolia (world 2).

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The level redesign of world 2 (Meolia), comprised of 8 floating islands, is going well, and we hope to have completed it in a few weeks for a release early in January.

This is the first island where the player arrives from the world of Korala using the Nexus teleportation gate engine.


The green fog and atmospheric effects are still a work in progress. They are still being worked on as we need to balance having a good horizon immersion with a short-distance fog visual.


The invaders have taken over a mining facility from the Spheriums to mine Metalium, a critical resource to make their exoskeleton armor.


Use the magnetic road to reach your destination faster and avoid the eruption!

We still have a lot of work to do, as while the level redesign of the available worlds in early access is going well; we still have basic features to address to offer a solid gaming experience.


For example, the overall user interfaces visual for the inventory, a better map system to ease the understanding of what to do, having good sounds effects for weapons, hits, and explosions, as well as texture painting on the enemies for a more substantial visual of what we have in mind.

Those are only a few things we need to do, but we are confident that we will be able to deliver on time even if we are only two people in our tiny Indie studio.

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