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Word Flow combines the word search games with the match 3 puzzle games together, but also not similar at all. The Word Flow featuring different elements of increasing difficulty, each level has a unique design and involve different solutions. The key is not only finding words on the Letter's Board but also resolve the target for each level.

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In Word Flow, you can use your vocabulary freely and creatively! Choose any letters you need to make any word you want! It’s a GAME! What you have played before is just word-spelling APP, in which all words are pre-set for users to find and complete, like an examination, not a game. No more! Here comes the Word Flow — unleash your vocabulary power and have FUN!

And, like all game, there’re goals and strategies in Word Flow. You have ices to break, ducks to free, blasters to explode, hidden treasures to discover! While you can choose word freely, you need to choose it carefully and wisely, or you will run out of moves!

Cluky is your guide in Word Flow. He is a cute puppy and also a linguist (that’s why he name himself with a word nobody knows). He will show you the rules and objectives in Word Flow. He can also help you to spell the right word when you get stuck! Give him a chance, he will surprise you!

We didn’t forget to record your achievements while you spell out the longest word! There’re trophies to acquire in Word Flow. Like how many unique words you have spelled, or which word is your favorite, etc, etc. And you can share them with your friends!

Best of all, the game levels’ data in Word Flow are randomly generated! You will be presented with different letters every time you replay a level. You can play your favorite levels again and again and never get bored!

We can keep writing about how fun Word Flow is. But now we felt that you should stop reading and start downloading.

See you in Word Flow!

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