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" The Elves of Mirkwood are not like there kin.They are more Dangerous"

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Hello today ill tell you about Mirkwood which is the wood elves subfraction.

The mod will go back to the building system of bfme1 so Lorien will have a group of treehouses with no walls but at the beggining you can choose between Mirkwood and Lorien and the other can be built on camps.

Mirkwood will have cavern walls with a river behind around it.The only way in will be a bridge connecting to a gate.The citadel will be thranduils throne and the buildings will be a bridge system to look like the films.

Heres there Buildings
Wine Cellar=Produces resorces and its design is based of the cellar in the barrel escape scene and possibly a hero can enter it and get across the river defense in a barrel...
Mirkwood Archery=Trains Mirkwood scouts at level 1 and armoured mirkwood archers at level 2
Mirkwood Barracks=Trains Mirkwood armoured soldiers and pikeman
Kings Guard=Trains Mirkwood guards at level 1,Researches banner carriers at level 2 and it trains elite units called 'Guards of the King' at level 3.
Mirkwood Armoury=Researches forged blades and heavy armour
Festival ground=Can level up units and elf civilians surrond it
Kings Prison=Nearby enemies can be selected and put in here and it can produce resources and it trains Mirkwood Wardens

Heres there citadel upgrades
Mirkwood wardens=When the base is attacked mirkwood wardens are smmoned to repel attackers
Silvian Gate=The Gate gets armour and two mirkwood guard nnow guard it and if they die they respawn
Kings Armory=your armouries have quicker buildtimes
Guards of His Realm=When the gate is broken all buildings are guarded by level 5 elite Mirkwood Wardens
Thranduil of Mirkwood =Thranduil is summoned and he now resides on his throne and 4 elite mirkwood guards surround it

Heres There Heroes

Thranduil is the leader hero and he starts in his king robes purchased and the silvian armour spell has to be unlocked for him to enter the battle with his armour

Heres his skillset on his throne
King of the woodland realm=All buildings have extra armour(level 1)
No one enters this kingdom=The selected gate has 50 percent more armour but it cant be opened while the spell is happening(level 3)
Rot if you must=The selected enemies are kept in their location and slowly lose health(level 5)
Send out the scouts=Mirkwood scouts are built 50 percent more quicker(level 7)

Heres his skillset after the silvian elf armour upgrade
Mount=Thranduil mounts his Elk(level 1)
Elven Dagger=Thranduil pulls out a second sword to fight with(level 3)
Lord of the Elves=Leadership Bonus(level 5)
Lust for the gems=Thranduil has more damage but now kills friend or foe for a while(level 7)
Mirkwood Royal army=Thranduil summons 5 mirkwood soldiers,arhcers and guards all at level 5 and they have all their upgrades(level 10)

Legolas is the next hero and he is trained at the mirkwood archery and he has his hobbit armour.

Prince of Mirkwood=Leadership to mirkwood units(level 1)
Toggle Weapon(level 3)
This sword is forged from my kin=Legolas temporarily wields orcist and gets a damage bonus(level 5)
Mirkwood Scouts=Legolas summons 3 level 5 mirkwood scouts(level 7)
Elf Lord=Legolas gets an crown and he gets 75 percent more damage and he gets more princely armour(level 10)

Ill tell you about the other heroes in the next update but you have to wait a day.

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