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30 years ago, the first version of a ground breaking game was released on May 5. The game that created an entire genre, this game is none other than Wolfenstein 3D! Now, 30 years later, a 30th anniversary edition is finally released!

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Wolfenstein 3D - 30th Anniversary Edition


On this day (May 05) 30 years ago, the first shareware version of Wolfenstein was released. To celebrate this event, an unofficial 30th anniversary edition finally sees the daylight after almost 7 years of hard work on both DOS and SDL systems, expanding the original game with yet another brand new trilogy, with 3 episodes, consisting of 10 levels each, bringing additional new features you haven't seen in the original game before including improvements and enhancements, it's all fun and great, but now totally in your face additions so you'll still get the original experience! Both DOS and SDL releases were done with care and playtested just enough times, so everyone will get the best experience possible!




Do not wait any longer! Download this mod and have fun!

Wolfenstein 3D - 30th Anniversary Edition

Happy 30th birthday, Wolf3D!

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