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Minor changes were made to the automap: - The automap now show which direction the player's facing. - With the Map Scroll item the automap show unexplored areas with darker gray color. - The player now can quit from Automap by using the "Tab" key. Made minor floor code changes and fixed a missing secret on E6M4. Minor spelling fixes in the end texts. Restored the original memory check for the very first screen.

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Wolfenstein 3D - 30th Anniversary Edition


Automap changes:

There's lots of changes that were made to the automap, let's dig deep into them! The automap now shows in which direction the player is facing with a green arrow. For a more transparent experience, after picking up the Map Scroll item, unexplored areas will be displayed with a darker shade of gray instead of regular gray floor color. The player now can quit viewing the automap with the Tab key instead of the Esc key.

Minor changes:

First of all, there was a missing pushwall on E6M4 with treasures inside, making 100% completion impossible, besides this, there were lots of goof-ups regarding floor codes, most notable was on E9M7 with the officers inside the end level elevator. Whoops.

Fixed a single pixel on the Hitler Statue sprite, it's not supposed to have a cyan color at all, but I forgot about that when I replaced the game's palette. Another whoops.

Fixed a minor spelling in the end text after beating episode 7. Some more oopsies.

Signon-screen's memory check restored & SDL version:

Restored the original memory check loop, hopefully the game will draw correct stats of available memory when running on vintage PCs. The boxes are filled with the same green color though, a drawback of the game's new palette. Let's hope it will actually work, because personally I am not sure.

Since people experienced issues with the SDL2 version and different versions of SDL2_mixer.dll weren't enough to fix issues, so I compiled an exe specifically for SDL, so maybe people can experience the game with this version.

Get the update here!

Wolfenstein 3D - 30th Anniversary Edition

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