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This is the introduction. I'm saying again, i need modelers. If you can model for CS, contact me via Skype or just message me.

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Everyone loves games right? But not all have got a good PC to run them all!
Well i decided to make a mod for Counter Strike that "simulates" Wolf Team in GoldSrc Engine!

This is a Hybrid Game That Successfully Combined Multiple Genres
Our mod features a lot of stuff that Wolfteam has. It will be especially for
people with slow PCs but mostly for fun! This is the feature list:

*Wolf Mutation
*Wolfteam Maps
*Wolfteam Characters
*Wolfteam Weapons
*Custom Classes

We still dont have a release date because the mod is new!
Be sure to track this mod if you find it interesting! You can help aswell,
just send me a message and you could help me develop it.
Thanks for reading this!
I need player models from WolfTeam which i can't find ANYWHERE!
If you can, please contact me on my Skype or message me which are on my profile page.
Please! Its really important!

Stay tuned for offical facebook and blog links.

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