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New shiny stuff and Version 2.0. New levels, game mode, characters. |||| WizardWizard is a challenging and addicting platformer with tight controls, simple rules all complimented by pixel graphics with awesome beats by _TWC WizardWizard is easy to pick up and play making for a fun social experience at school or on at a lunch break. There are currently 16 levels in total, and more will be added in future :)

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WizardWizard Dev Log #4

WizardWizard 2.0 Experimental Version has been released.
There are lots of muddled bits and extra stuff floating around. The difficulty curve may be a bit dodgy.


  • Added a new gamemode; NinjaNinja! It's permadeath, hit F3 and die to try it out
  • 3 new levels
  • There is a new "enemy" type sneak peak on the start up screen

Introducing the damsel in distress:

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Any ideas on a name, let me know, PrincessPrincess is a bit lame ;)

Story is still a work in progress.
Something about in a world full of magic, WizardWizard is the only wizard that possesses no magical abilities but he's quite good at jumping. The Evil Wizard (yet to be named) kidnaps the Princess and uses her magical land ruling scepter for evil. Using the scepter's power he takes away all the magic in the world to harness it all for himself. When all the Wizards are powerless they all turn to WizardWizard to save the day.

Thanks, Peace and love,

Oh and, some Moon Mode footage!

Play WizardWizard 2.0 Experimental Version Now!

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