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WizardWizard v2.5 released, and now has an ending!

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WizardWizard Dev Log #10

Is this the end!?

Of course not! But there is finally an ending at the end of WizardWizard after conquering all 22 unique levels. The ending is prone to change but I like it. So if something were to happen to me and I can't bare to work on the game any longer (unlikely) there is at least something at the end of the game for those skilled enough to beat it.


A beautiful (cinematic?) ending
More beautiful stars
More interactive (placeholder?) characters
More music
Updated credits
Little fixes and stuff


You should play it, from start to finish
Some characters (and animals) have randomly generated text so don't miss out on that
Find the hidden star constellations
Jam to _TWC's sick beats
Contact me and tell me what you think
Make a video
Post your death count or what level you got stuck on (if you're not awesome enough to finish it ;) )
If you like arting and you want to make something WizardWizard-y, feel free and tell me, because I'd love it (and might even use it for something, eh eh).

FAQ (or questions no one actually asks but they totally could)

Where can I contact you?
You can throw me a PM on IndieDB or on the TIGforums (my username on both is Crateboy)

Who made your music and where can I download it?
His beats are so jammin'

Can I do work with you?
I'd be totally keen on some collabs with art or graphic design, we could have some fun. Level design, character design all that fun stuff, yes! Coding, no.

I heard you used a lot of opensource code to make this game.
Yeah! I totally did, when I started making this game I knew very little and picking apart open source stuff really helped. I develop in GameMaker and there are soooo many great tutorials on their forums or just answers to questions. WizardWizard was built from an (no longer supported) open source engine by Matt Thorson which handles collisions near perfectly. I haven't been able to myself or found anything that can do it better in Gamemaker. Now however is mostly my own code, or snippets from answers to my questions on Game Maker.

Can I make videos of your game on youtube or where ever?
Yes. Don't ask for permission, just go for it and if you think its good, link me :) ALSO PLEASE make the video FIRST before you tell me about it. :)


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Now a 1 way dating simulator!
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That's it! I'd hate to spoil the ending for you!

Old pictures
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Play WizardWizard 2.5 Now!

[MAC] Play WizardWizard 2.5 Now!

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