Post news RSS With the new Sins 2 release upcoming, I've decided to make a major change

You guys might've seen the official announcement for Sins 2 on PCGamer. For those who haven't, I've put a link below.

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You guys might've seen the official announcement for Sins 2 on PCGamer. For those who haven't, I've put a link below:

Anyways, my point is, with the new Sins 2 upcoming, I've decided to completely re-evaluate the mod itself.

The first news to deal with, is, rotating turrets.

Image provided by Stardock.

First off the bat: The current meshes will be given a complete overhaul. You remember the ships in the Colonial proof-of-concept right? Those will now come with legit spinning turrets. The whole lore behind SoK's Colonial faction has mostly revolved around naval tactics resembling the First World War and the Second, with battleships and cruisers slugging it out in a drawn-out line-of-battle. Most of the combat tests involving the old ships simply had them firing in a head-on battle, with most of the guns firing on a sideways angle that looked kinda...unrealistic. With the new turreted ships update, ships would be finally able to do battle the way we envisioned it (for the Colonials at least): Line-of-Battle, Jutland style.

Imagine this, but in a battleline instead of facing you head-on. Image not made by me. Found on Google.

The same would also apply to the UNSC and Republic/CIS factions as well. Fleets would stand in a battleline (or for the UNSC, remain at a head-on battle pose) and slug it out. You would start needing to pay more attention to the battles unfolding than ever (or at least, the way I plan it to). Crossing-the-T? Game. Flanking attacks, Die Neue These style? Also game. CIWS turrets actually tracking and intercepting enemy aircraft and missiles? Also game.

There's piles of other things to discuss, but those are the bare bones, at least.

Now, the question remains: How much will it affect SoK's devenlopment? The answer is: it depends.

The current short-term plan is crafting all the meshes needed for the mod while simutaneously running the codes needed to jury-rig them into the game. This includes ship stats, research, pacts, and the like. So how will plans change?

If the mod is ready before early acess, then devenlopment will continiue as planned, and will be released for Rebellion with a version rigged for Sins 2 as soon as it comes out. If all the meshes are prepared by the time Sins 2 is released, then I'll try to get at it's internal scructure. If the meshes are compatible with the new Sins engine, then I'll rig them all into the game (with the required changes, of course). If they're not, then we'll rig up another set for the new Sins engine.

This pretty much concludes it for the moment. I'll try to get updates regularly once a month, but things tend to go south their own way. Anyways.

Here's a link to the Discord:

Also: I coudn't find any picture I could use for this article so I fished out the nearest pic of a ship I was trying to rig into the game lol

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