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Wishmere's development log continues as we work on Earle, one of the six playable characters. His Super Arts are discussed and showcased, in addition to discussion on interactable items such as health packs.

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Update #1:

Hey guys. We've been working the main character, whose name is Earle, Super Arts (our super moves), which have just been completed. We're quite happy with how the Super Arts compliment Earle's playstyle, and we're excited for people to try it out for themselves.

Earle's Level 2 Super Art, obliterating 3 enemies.

We've also been working on the functionality of interactable items, such as health or H-Gauge refills. We've implemented "Pack Enemies", high priority enemies that carry valuable items.

Poor guy was just minding his own business.

We're planning on releasing some footage very soon, so keep a lookout for that!

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