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Listed Below is the NAM:WAW v2.5 Change Log List, It is currently in the beta testing stages.

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This is the change log for NAM:WAW v2.5 Vietnam Expansion Pack. It is currently in the beta testing stages and should be released publicly soon. This list will be updated as changes/additions are made. The mod is being moved from OW 1.6.2 over to 1.6.5 for its incredible amount of updates including 4 new gametypes for a total of 16:
Last Team Standing
Last Man Standing
Behind Enemy Lines
Freeze Tag
Capture and Hold
Capture the Flag
Free for All
Gun Game
Search & Destroy
Team Deathmatch

Current NAM:WAW Map List (14 Total w/ Many More in Progress)
NVA Base
Radio Relay
An Binh
Duong Ong
Dug In
Choke Point

Lao Cai

Open Warfare 1.6.5 Updates (Since 1.6.2)-

- NEW: New option added to AMVS to generate the voting options based on the
current server's rotation.
- NEW: New map rotation control system (MRCS) to control the server's rotation
based on number of players in the server.
- NEW: New gametype Behind Enemy Lines. Check behindenemylines.cfg for more details.
- NEW: New gametype Last Man Standing (LMS) based on Free-for-all.
- NEW: New gametype Last Team Standing (LTS) based on Team Deathmatch.
- NEW: New gametype Retrieval where the attackers need to retrieve two objectives from the map.
- NEW: Added new variable to Assassination so only clan members can be chosen
as the VIP.
- NEW: Added new variable to Capture and Hold to control the respawn of players
owning the flag.
- NEW: Added a sudden death like Sabotage to Capture and Hold when scr_ch_chmode
is set to "0".
- NEW: Added support for team based weapons where each team will have access to certain
weapons only.
- NEW: An advanced Overtime module has been added to the mod to control an extra
round when the game finishes in a tie.
- NEW: Customize-A-Player Interface. Select between the 5 friendly models if the gametype is
team based or the 10 friendly and enemy models that are loaded with the map if not team based.
- NEW: Added new option in Freeze Tag to melt the iceberg to show unfreeze progress.
- NEW: Added Previous and Next arrow buttons in the CAC Editor for easier and quicker navigation.
- NEW: Added new option to black spectators' screens so they can't see the location of players
in the server when they connect.
- NEW: Added a GUID control system for tournaments where not registered GUIDs will be automatically
disconnected from the server.
- NEW: New variable to control dead chat has been added.
- NEW: Added support for Last Man Standing, Last Team Standing, and Retrieval to Visual Mover.
- NEW: Real time player statistics to show information to the player like accurary, k/d ratio,
headshots, longest shot, melee kills, etc.
- NEW: Added new variable for the AACP to take the gametypes and map names directly
from the current map rotation instead.
- NEW: Added new variable to AMVS to prevent players from voting the same map that
just finished.
- NEW: Redesign and implementation of the new visual mover and visual guide.
- BEL support
- Visual Guide is now a gametype. Visual Mover is separate module.
- Internal Configuration Counter for Visual Mover
- 2 reticle types for Visual Guide - Circle Effect or model of current item.
- New Visual Guide Menu
- Added and updated Visual Guide and Visual Mover dvars and configs
- NEW: Added an option to control players illegally using clan tags.
- NEW: Added variables to control the special effects and text display when
objectives are captured, dropped, taken, etc.
- NEW: Added new option in extended obituaries to show them only to the victim and
the attacker.
- NEW: Added new mode to CTF where players will have to return their flag to their
base if captured by the enemy (Capture the Flag Back).
- NEW: Added new variable to Retrieval to be able to increase the spawn time of
- NEW: Added new variable to control the slots that will be reserved for clan members.
- NEW: Added new option to display statistics at the end of the game.
- NEW: Added new option to show the players the presense of a full admin or clan players
in the server via the scoreboard.
- NEW: Added an option to check for invalid Betty plants based on distance between the player and
the Betty.
- NEW: Added support for new stock maps from Map Pack 3.

- CHG: Changed the AMVS to allow a player to leave the server during the map voting process.
- CHG: Removed scr_visual_mover_random_config dvar.
- CHG: Added a new variable to the visual mover to supply the game with how many configurations
a map and its corresponding gametype have.
- CHG: All visual mover configuration (item) dvars will now have a "_<#>" at the end
starting at 0 or 1.
- CHG: For visual mover blank or " " dvars are no longer needed for each configuration.
- CHG: Moved some dvars from the mover.cfg to all the mover/gametype folders. Provided descriptions
of these variables and examples for each gametype.
- CHG: Removed the old mover written by BionicNipple.
- CHG: The head model for the VIP player in Assassination will change now.
- CHG: New option added in S&D to still show both bomb sites to the defenders even when one has
been disabled.
- CHG: Re-aligned the images on the map loading screen and replaced the default clanlogo.iwi image.
- CHG: Reduced number of image resources (2 sponsor logos were removed and simplified the health bar
- CHG: All the server variables will reset now on ruleset activation or deactivation.
- CHG: More than one life can now be set for LMS and LTS.
- CHG: Added logging capabilities to the Advanced Map Voting System.
- CHG: Added new option in Retrieval to control the auto reset time of objectives.
- CHG: Added new master variable for Admin GUIDs so they need to be entered only
- CHG: Added distance traveled statistic to real time statistics as well as the
end of game statistics.
- CHG: Added variable to control public matches where the server password missing
and the /record match reminders will not be shown.
- CHG: When the blackscreen is enabled for spectators the screen will automatically
be active also when a gametype with number of lives is being played and the
player has used all the available lives.
- CHG: A non-pistol weapon can also be forced on the VIP now in Assassination.
- CHG: The player destroying the bomb in Search & Destroy will receive a "defuse"
- CHG: Added a timer to CAP so players only have x amount of seconds in the interface
- Added player protection while in CAP Interface
- Text for CAP now shows for as long as CAP is available

- BUG: Fixed an issue with an internal variable in AVMS having more than 1024
characters if a the rotation contains a lot of maps.
- BUG: Allow combination of winner gametype and default map when the winner gametype
was the default gametype.
- BUG: Fixed an issue where distance was not being calculated for players that were in
Last Stand.
- BUG: Fixed a problem with the visual mover. Some maps were using tanks of different fields than
Treyarch's stock tank settings. Example mp_foy. Tanks used _flm in names.
- BUG: Fixed a problem with automatic map fast restarts.
- BUG: Fixed an issue where players could switch to weapons while destroying the bomb in
Search & Destroy.
- BUG: Fixed a problem with setting the next map via the AACP in round based games where
map voting was not being skipped.
- BUG: Fixed a problem where the pulse was active during last stand.
- BUG: Fixed a problem with hiding scores in TDM always.
- BUG: Fixed a problem with sd_sdmode "1" where the proper icons where not being set
after the bomb was planted.
- BUG: Fixed a problem with resetting the day cycle at the beginning of each round or map.
- BUG: Fixed a bug where the winner in Gun Game was not properly showing when the time limit was
- BUG: Fixed a problem with custom maps using 8 HQ locations in KOTH that was preventing the game
to create an extra object location icon.
- BUG: Fixed an infinite loop in auto balance where none of the players from the team with more
players could be auto-balanced.
- BUG: Fixed all the special effects with explodable barrels.
- BUG: Fixed a problem with setting the VIP's health in Assassination higher than the game's health.
- BUG: Fixed a problem with the visual mover. Some maps were using tanks of different fields than
Treyarch's stock tank settings. Example mp_foy. Tanks used _flm in names.
- BUG: Fixed resolution ratio problems in OW_CAC_EDITOR.

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