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Work in Progress version of the game released, play and report bugs if you find some, suggest if you want something to change/add.

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Guys, the Mega WIP version of Tamers Network Reborn have been released.
On that version, you can do...

  • Battle and Catch monsters.
  • Explore all 4 towns.
  • Explore more than 25 maps.
  • Create your character.
  • Save/Load game.
  • Lockdown your save with a password, neither ingame delete will work if does not have password.
  • Male Characters have 4 hairstyles at the moment, but womans have only one, without counting baldy.
  • Well, i'm not the best pixel artist, so explained why woman charaters have less hairstyles.
  • Trade with a few npcs.
  • Some of them give quests.
  • Or even ask for battle.
  • Depending on the pc daytime, the npc may not be at work on the moment.
  • There's a chance of raining on the game, not sync on server yet.
  • There are 2 caves in-game, but both are vague.
  • Host dedicated server.
  • Play on a server.
  • Or host a server to do fast play with friends.

Just a little thing you must know.NEVER try to close the game by the game window, close on the console window, aka the black window.Have fun and good luck.

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