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Hey, we have some news to share with you - don't miss because it's going to make your days more exciting! We're going to show you another models and tell a few worlds about one of Starfall Tactics features.

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Hey, we have some news to share with you - don't miss it because it's going to make your days even more exciting! We're going to show you more models and say a few words about one of Starfall Tactics' features.


Yes, explosions! Those bright things which provide tones of happiness to you or your opponent. In many cases, explosions are made only for showing a ship's death visually, but this time we decided to let ships explode for real. That means applying damage to nearby ships in some cases and, we hope, it may result in many cases of self-sacrifice tactics so players could benefit even from a lost ship. You also might have heard about self-destruction modules which will help you in the neverending battles of epic explosions.

We have lots of things to do with this feature so just look at this ship falling apart, enjoy and let us know your thoughts about explosions!


In our last article we told you about control points. As we showed only some basic sketches of Tornhelm and Control point we'd love you to take a look at some textured samples as it clarifies what we really want to get in the end.

Those ships are not our only guests today - let's pay attention to Premier, one of the biggest ships of Eclipse, which you could see in sketches before. Sometimes it looks so epic, that our 2D artist calls it a «spacecity», as «spaceship» is no longer a proper term for this vessel.

UI, explosions, effects, backgrounds, ships, etc. - all these things should collaborate together, both in terms of beauty and gameplay. Not only are we going to achieve this synergy, but you must know another important thing:

We make Starfall Tactics with love and hope that whoever will start playing the game in future is going to feel the meaning of these words as delivering this project to you means a lot for our team.

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