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So, again, Google translator and I together want to write something. Sorry, translate not very high quality, but I never learned English. Did not do anything for a year for this legendary game, I confess. Sluggishly responded to your comments sluggish. Too bad the game is not getting any younger. And I did not learn to make the normal maps. Preparing for the New Year?

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  • Winter - a special time of year. Special time of year that the game has not appeared (not including modifications).
  • In winter, good to be home, good to be warm. Hot tea, a comfortable chair... nostalgia. And old games too.
  • Remember how I was accepted into the brotherhood of modders. Perhaps loudly, but it was very exciting to do something different in the game of childhood. Yes, Deus Ex is familiar to me from a very early age. Father showed and I got carried away.
  • Even my mother looked at how we dispassionately shot robots as we were hiding in the shadows... Then I dared to go through the game itself. I do not regret, Deus Ex forever.
  • Remember, as a novice to do the modification. It was difficult, it was fun. I ruined a lot of cards initially... ha.
  • Then I visited the idea to do something more than cosmetic changes to the game. New characters, cyber dog, the living dead!
  • By the way, about the latter. I would like to introduce them in their new campaign. Gray Death with a side effect of life after death.
  • Were thought to make a card with the rain. Were thought to make snow in the game. _There were a lot of ideas... like now a lot of ideas about the New Year.
  • They say I met him - so spend it. This seems to be true, anyway, in my life.
  • So try to come off! Celebrate it as something unusual! Unusual in a good way.
  • They say that before midnight you can meet his destiny...
  • Well, I wish you all great winter! Do not freeze, do not forget to check out my mod, good luck.

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