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We break character for a moment to bring you a state of the union for Winter Contingency!

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Hello Moddb and assorted watchers of Winter Contingency,

We’re briefly breaking character to talk to you all about how development is going- and hopefully both excite and put you at ease regarding our direction.

Your patience with our development cycle has been much appreciated. As gamers, we’re all aware of the importance of developers taking their time with game making-
and to prove that point, we’re pleased to say that we’ve used that time well.

Thanks to your patience, we have been able to make some tangible improvements to Winter Contingency- which you will all get to enjoy once we hit release.

Perhaps the most notable development, is that we have entered into a collaboration with the team behind the Halo: Custom Edition- SPV3 Mod.

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What is Halo CE: SPV3?

It is a complete overhaul to Halo Combat Evolved, the likes of which has never been done before.

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SPV3 vastly extends the levels, the enemy rosters, weapons, and game mechanics of the original halo, well beyond anything seen in a Halo game.


Having played the SPV3 beta myself, I cannot stress enough how original and engaging the gameplay has become over the original halos. While it is still recognizable as the classic Halo 1 we all loved, it has been greatly enhanced by the new selections of lore-friendly weaponry, brand new locations, and original enemies.

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As aficionados of the extended Halo lore, we also enjoy how very well SPV3 represents the halo universe described in the novels.

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If you consider yourself a fan of the Halo games, we insist you support the SPV3 mod and its team, who continue to grow and maintain the halo universe with their talent and vision.

You can find out more about the Halo: Custom Edition- SPV3 Mod here:

Like our colleagues at SPV3, we also are doing our best to represent the halo universe in our own development of Winter Contingency.

It’s important to know that our development doesn’t only involve mission making, map creating, or the exporting of objects,

but also the invention of new game mechanics that don’t exist in Men of War.

This involves discovering new code commands, experimenting with the game engine, and writing new programs. All of which takes time.
Thanks to everyone’s patience and our diligence, we have some things to show for that.

Needler Supercombine-Explosions

In the halo games, the needler is defined by its ability to explode enemies in a shower of pink glass.
Because we took the time- we were able to re-create needler explosions for our needlers in Men of War

wc2016 2

Each successful needle hit has a 1/7 chance of detonating in a deadly blast that can kill its target, and knockdown nearby soldiers.

one in seven may not seem like much, but when there are dozens of needles, it presents a serious risk. Think your soldiers have a position on lock? It only takes one needle blast to turn the tables against you.

wc2016 1

A single Covie soldier with a needler now is more of a threat. A whole horde of needler wielding enemies is extremely dangerous. You will have to keep your soldiers in cover and prioritize taking our needler armed enemies.

Active Camouflage

Just like in halo, we have made it possible for soldiers in Men of War to use active camo, which conceals them against enemies, until they attack. Should the camouflaged unit escape line of sight, it will become hidden again.

wc2016 5

Units that are active camouflaged will not be noticed or targeted by enemies. In order for you to fight camouflaged units, you will have to order your units to fire upon them, or wait for the camo units to attack first.

wc2016 6

I recommend the first option, as camo units will move into close quarters before engaging, where they will have the advantage.

Target Locator/Artillery Strikes

Some of the most epic moments of Halo Reach involved using the laser-designator to call down artillery on covie heads.

wc2016 8

With the time we’ve spent, we were able to re-create that weapon for Winter Contingency

wc2016 9

Functional Recharging Energy Shields

Perhaps the greatest of the new innovations, using complex scripting, Offensivebias was able to create energy shields for covenant elites.

wc2016 3

These shields will absorb 60% - 100%* of bullet damage against an elite- leaving its health undamaged. You will be able to tell because bullets will spark off and ricochet on an active shield.

wc2016 4

If the shield absorbs enough damage, it overloads and is removed for ~10 seconds. While the shield is overloaded the elite will take the normal 100% of incoming bullet damage to their health bar.

Once the shield recharges, the elite will take reduced/no damage to its health.

As in Halo, plasma weaponry will overload shields faster, and we are working on adding overcharged plasma pistol shots as a mechanic

Ammunition Types

Although the current prototype isn’t meant for Winter Contingency
, Offensivebias was able to make it possible for a weapon to use multiple types of ammunition, each with a unique effect.

wc2016 10

This is based on the scripts used by vanilla Men of War vehicles, which allow them to use different shells.

Our hope is to create special ammo types that can be used against enemies, or to assist in certain situations. Shotgun slugs, anti-shield ammo, illuminating tracer rounds, explosive ammo,

the applications are limitless.

As you can see, we never stopped working on Winter Contingency, in fact, our progress is growing significantly.

Although we can’t confirm a date at this time, a limited demo will be assembled and distributed before the main release.

wc2016 11

The goal of our demo will be to evaluate the community’s opinion of our basic content, and also provide some more familiar Men of War gameplay before we move into the newer mechanics.

Some of you have asked why we don’t release what we have and update from there?

Understand, that many of the modifications in Winter Contingency (like those we’ve just previewed) affect the core of the Men of War engine.

There are still many changes we would like to make to the engine to enhance your experience. But if we tried to update those modified core files -after a release- there is a greater chance of bugs and errors that could render the mod inoperable, and we lack the means to staff a support center.

wc2016 12

As such, we still have some ways to go before we release in full measure.
There are some things we need/want to work on:

  • Vehicles: what’s a good mod without vehicles? “Us”, evidently… we are still looking for ways to make this work
  • Sticky plasma grenades: you can’t stick them… yet. But we are making progress here
  • Maps/Missions: lots of partially completed maps, and a few finished ones, but not quite enough to make a full game. We will eventually preview some that we have completed
  • Spartans?: we have the energy shields now, could this mean our big green friends will be making an entrance?
  • Alien blood/gore fx: almost have it done, working on improved textures.

Okay! Did you read all that? Good!
Then you should not need to ask us “When Release?”

You should also know by now that we don’t take credit for creating any halo-based asset or model.
We do take credit for the work involved in porting and rigging, and assembling content.
So there should not be a need to ask “Y U rip from halo??”


If you have a question, please make sure to read this update before you ask!

We will be happy to answer any of your questions regarding the new engine mechanics, etc.

That concludes our big, 2016 Winter Contingency state of the union! Stay tuned for our next Section 3 update and more news about our friends at Halo CE: SPV3!

Gladiator14 - - 287 comments

awesome update looking forward to the demo and the release

Reply Good karma Bad karma+13 votes
Spacebill - - 4 comments

At the risk of sounding weird, I love you guys

Reply Good karma Bad karma+13 votes
c0balt08 - - 168 comments

Looking Good, Looking Good...

So any release date planned yet? :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma-4 votes
btrxscopez - - 23 comments

not yet, all we can do is wait.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Broshevik - - 218 comments

i've bought MOW:AS solely for this mod and the starwars one! Cant wait for the release!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+8 votes
gaboemi - - 4 comments

i like this update :) very nice!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
Aubesangante - - 2,447 comments

gib release dat.

More seriously how the collaboration with SPV3 Mod team gonna affect the project ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Buzztr0n - - 705 comments

impressive! most impressive

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes
weaponsmith - - 134 comments

so will it be available on both AS1 AND AS2 and if that is how is AS2 better than AS1 version

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
btrxscopez - - 23 comments

I believe its just for AS2, but AS2 is much better than AS1 regardless because of multiple graphics and other improvements.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Superbanango - - 97 comments

Lol i just thought a great idea update for Halloween you guys could make the flood don't need to if you don't want to just giving ideas out :P

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
btrxscopez - - 23 comments

The mod is at the moment just for the Halo: Reach game content so initially there should be no flood, however they did say after completing what they have currently planned they may add content from other Halo games, so flood is a possibility, just much later down the line.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
dailan22 - - 2 comments

hi, im a beta tester and im very interested in your mod. If you need someone to do any testing or anything id be more than glad to help. Keep up the amazing work, and please let me know, thx.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Captain_Daggerwolf - - 59 comments

I was wondering if you add a falcon or pelican or hornet I would love to see the hovering mechanic added as it adds a certain sense of fanboyness to see noble team jumping out of two falcons and charging head first into a massive group of grunts.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
btrxscopez - - 23 comments

There is currently no information on vehicles that I am aware of but we can assume its planned, developers?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Captain_Daggerwolf - - 59 comments

is there a possibility that it will be released sometime this year?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
TheZealot343 - - 33 comments

Simply Awesome!! i need a Demo Now!! T.T

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
jimmywen1227 - - 14 comments

when's the update? Its been 2 monthes

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes
weaponsmith - - 134 comments

THIS LOOKS SO GOOD.............................

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