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A unique combination of 2d beat 'em up and role playing games made by Pyrodactyl !

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Wait, don’t call 911 just yet! The title of the post is not about our starving state, it’s the title of Pyrodactyl’s latest game. The game features a combination of role playing and 2d beat ‘em ups in way that never has been done before. In the distant future, a wrestling organization populated by soap opera clone fighters runs the city and is out to get you.

This is just the beginning.

Marketing Bullet Points™

Freedom of Choice

In WFF, you are not a mute stoic angry space marine following orders and going where the plot takes you. You drive the plot, and every decision you make matters. As you can see in the video above, choices do not mean a list of 3 options out of which you select one, but your actions decide how characters react towards you, and whether they are your friends and enemies.

Multiple ways to handle any situation
You aren’t restricted to any one method of solving problems in Will Fight for Food. You can use conversations, brawling, items or a combination of these to solve any problems the game throws your way.

Have life changing, emotionally moving, intellectually inspiring dialog with the citizens of Whatever-ville, and bend their will to meet your goals. Will you use your influence for the better or worse? You decide!

The game will feature unique boss fights that challenge you in different ways with a cast of varied characters. More info on that and items soon!

This is a point that’s close to Pyrodactyl’s heart, as we have spawned from the pits of hell that is the modding community (Ed. – kidding, we love you guys!). The game will be fully moddable, and we have plans for sharing of custom story missions which we will reveal soon.

Will Fight For Food will be available for PC and Linux SOON.

Jookia - - 14 comments

This seems like a great game, but lack of content besides ideas suggest vaporware. I might be jumping the gun, the considering 'will' is used instead of 'has' or 'is', it brings up warning signs. Maybe screenshots at least would help calm down my paranoia?

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Arvind Author
Arvind - - 242 comments

I did not make any promise that is not reflected in the video.

You can see how I played through the level differently, once using conversation and once using violence. This is what points #1 and #2 mean, as I was free to choose my approach. There are other approaches too that I show right at the end of the video.

#3 and #4 are also in the video, obviously I don't have full combat animations just yet, but that's why the game is in development :)

#5 I coded the engine in such a way that it can be easily modded. Now that is one feature you can only see on release ;)

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Jookia - - 14 comments

Oh, there's a video? Gah, Desura on Linux. Sorry!

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Arvind Author
Arvind - - 242 comments

Here's a youtube link if you can't see the video :)

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Protektor - - 264 comments

You might want to realize that this video is an early alpha, and at several points he says this isn't finished and we are still working on that. So give them some time. Be glad they even showed anything rather than waiting until right before they released the game. At least this way we can give them feedback on what we like and don't like so that hopefully it becomes a better game during the development rather than at the end when changing anything is very difficult.

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rioninja - - 98 comments

This looks promising. I look forward to seeing more updates.

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z0id - - 16 comments

Will fight for smooth animations.

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Arvind Author
Arvind - - 242 comments

They are smooth, it's just that my laptop can't handle the recording software and the game at the same time.

There will be a demo so you can see it for yourself :)

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