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Well, that's for news. One good and one bad. Yes, a lot of things need to be said about the mod C & C Tiberian Sun True Power. Connection with Ukraine: a war, the crisis, the study. Everything is kept on the edge of the cliff.

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Hello to all!
I am glad that you became interested in mod, but mods is a beta version 0.90 and continue next version. taking into account that things are not in the best time come in this time. While for me it became difficult due from Ukraine, what is happening at the moment. That since the beginning of this winter to today. Well go directly two news. One good and one bad.Good that mod C & C Tiberian Sun True Power 0.90 beta version will be somewhere at the end of the month will be released. to plus one mod.Well, the bad news, mod C & C Tiberian Sun True Power stops working on this. I will work on version, however slowly. Moreover, I proposed to work on the mod C & C Tiberian Sun True Power with the team.Who has a good experience of working on Modi Tiberian Sun: mappers, model troops, machinery and buildings but also more ... I have until the end of the month will be free, and then can no longer work on it until the load on other things do not subside. So write me if there is experience on the mod Tiberian Sun. I wish to meet with you to talk about the games and mods that knowledge of the work of the mods and other ... While there is time! And other mod that will be soon.
See you soon!

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