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So Here comes the first Wilded update which includes basic game machanics.

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Now game is in very early stage, so you couldn't do a lot in this game.
This is what i have already done:

Simple Main Menu

I have created a temporary, simple main menu, that let you start a new game or continue the old one. Settings are going to be implemented in next update.

Main Menu


Now you can move (Run,jump), pick up items, cut down trees, break rocks, use sword. Player also have health, stamina and hunger stats. Currently player don't have 3d model.

Inventory/ Crafting system

I have created inventory/crafting system with simple GUI. You can store 10 items or stacks (1 stack = 50 items) in inventory and also you can equip up to 5 tools or weapons. Crafting system allow you to craft all items that you need.


Save/Load System

This system let you save (Currently up to 4 saves) and load your progress. All data are saved in folder with files, which you can move to another computer and load your progress.


Now i have already created several models:

1. Few trees:


2. Mushroom, grass, bush:

Mushroom, grass and bush

3. Rock, stone:

Rock and stone

4. Campfire:



Looking good!!!

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Indeed, I really like the polygonal art style.

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