Post news RSS Wild Mage - Phantom Twilight is now LIVE on Kickstarter and 45% funded in just 3 hours!

Our Kickstarter reboot campaign is now LIVE! Thanks a lot to our early backers! Early Bird tiers still available for the first 2 days!

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Our Kickstarter Campaign is now LIVE!

At the time of this post, we're just about 3 hours in and already 45% funded! Thanks, everyone for the amazing support!! We're offering a variety of backers exclusive reward items that are only available through Kickstarter.

About Wild Mage

Wild Mage - Phantom Twilight is an open-world action RPG featuring airships, floating islands, dungeons and next-gen combat. Monsters can be dynamically sliced into pieces. Terrain and structure can be altered or destroyed. It's a fusion between FF IX-like world, Diablo-like dungeons and Zelda-like adventures, plus unique next-gen mechanics, a game that re-imagines the genre!

Early Bird Rewards

Don't miss the Kickstarter exclusive Early Bird rewards, available ONLY in the first 48 hours of the campaign:

  • Early Bird - Digital Download of Final Game ($15 instead of $20)
  • Early Bird - Digital Copy Plus ($25 instead of $32, including Kickstarter exclusive spell, weapon, crafting crate, OST and behind the scene footage!)
  • Early Bird - Dragon Lord ($80 instead of $100, including alpha/beta access, many Kickstarter exclusive items including dragon mount, founders airship and Ancient spells!)


Check out our latest devlog with updates on spell casting system, UI and dynamic destruction of environment by monsters!

Join our Discord

Join our Discord to connect with the dev team as well as other members of the Wild Mage community!

We hope to see you at Kickstarter! Your support and engagement means a lot to us and is what keeps us going as an indie studio. With your help, together we can make Wild Mage a true masterpiece that all can be proud to be a part of! We invite you to join us on this incredible adventure!

Luna Orion

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