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Wikinger's first community run tournament! 3v3 Soviets vs Wehrmacht.

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Hi Wikingers!

Two members of our amazing little community have organized and are running a tournament, it's a 3v3 Soviets vs Wehrmacht, 500 Victory Point tourney!

Teams: 3 vs 3 - Wehrmacht vs Soviet Union

Win Condition: Wikinger WCP : VP High Zoom (500 points)

Faction Selection: Winner of Coin Toss gets first pick of faction (for best of 3, see below)

Map Selection: Map will be selected using the veto system (see Rules below)

Mod: Wikinger: EToW v3.1.6e - subscribe to the files here!

Starting Location: Random

Cold Tech: Enabled


Teams of 3 players

Only 1 Beta tester, Mod developer and Admin of Wikinger per team

Each team will select a captain


All maps from the collection.


First Veto: Loser of the coin toss gets first map veto

Game 1: Team captains will take turns vetoing maps from the map pool until only one map remains

Game 2: The second game in a series will be played on the same map as game 1

Game 3: The third game of a series will follow the same veto process for game 1.
NOTE: The map from Game 1 is automatically vetoed.


Wehrmacht VS Soviet Union only

Game 1: Winning team captain of the Coin Toss gets first pick of faction

Game 2: Teams swap sides (Axis to Allies & vice versa)

Game 3: Team with the higher winning VP count gets first pick of faction


Teams must check-in before the start of the tournament in order to participate

Check-in will open 30 minutes before tournament start time

Only checked-in players will be seeded into the tournament bracket.


Once paired with an opponent, both teams are required to check-in for their match on Battlefy. Once one team checks in, their opponent will have 15 minutes to also check-in or they will automatically forfeit the match. Once both teams have checked in, they are required to use the PRIVATE CHAT feed located on their Match page to communicate with their opponent and set up the match.

Once the match is ready to start, one or both players MUST report in the PRIVATE CHAT feed that their match has begun.


After each match, Team Captains are required to report their team's score. Any disputes will be handled by a Tournament Moderator who may require a replay of the match for review. The Tournament Moderator has final say regarding all match disputes.


Don't delay... join today!


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