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A full version of Collateral Murder shows something very different to what an angry viewer could see in the shorter edited version.

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Edited footage seems to be very biased. Here's the short version if you haven't watched it:

Below another edited version pointing out what the short version (probably intentionally) had omitted:

So the primary WikiLeaks version seems to be extremely edited, even to the point of missing some very important moments, such as seemingly a guy (probably an insurgent) with what appears to be an RPG.

The full version is here:

Nonetheless, the U.S. operations left and still leave a lot to be wished - and improved if they are to be continued anywhere in the world. That doesn't help the image of Americans in any way either, since we all can take a look at numbers of Iraqi deaths. Deaths of these 2 journalists should be noted well, too, because they could either work with insurgents, or happen to be in the wrong place in the wrong time, or just try to shoot some footage.

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i have it. a very good video to show a real war situation. such stuff wont ever be shown in one of those so called "realistic games"

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Yes very good!

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