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In which more media is shown, new particle effects are added and a wikia is begun.

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Community member svleur has been busy creating some new media, including the brief Let's Play shown below. Another nice early game showing for the new player. Continuing that theme, we now have a wikia:

There's lots of good stuff there, including guides to using some of the basic kit. If you feel like helping out, there's plenty more that can usefully go on! Thanks to svleur for setting it up and ataaron for other additions.

There's been a bunch of new patches, mainly to bring in the new particle effects, which are mostly prettier now. Some are still a work in progress and a handful remain to be readded, but that's coming soon. More urgently though will be efficiency improvements and major bugfixes and these are coming sooner.


Added Super frame particle effects, only a handful missing now
Balance Reduced tractor beam movement and explosive wall cost to 2% (!) of previous
Fixed Several binder bot visual bugs
Fixed Rocket abilities destroying themselves when the builder is moving fast
Fixed Quests and other items spawning too close to start location
Fixed Sound death loop
Fixed Particles not updating properly in some circumstances

Added New frame particle effects - only super frames and bioforms left to replace
Fixed Command hardpoint disconnect crash
Fixed Grav frame repelling black holes when attempting to farm ore from them
Fixed Sound effect loop bug when entering menus

Added New particle effects for flash, bridger bot, solar frame
Fixed Crash due to too many particles
Fixed Region generation crash in some parts of The Edge
Improved Hitches should be less frequent and severe. More performance increases to follow shortly

Added MAJOR Particle Engine Changes - majority of effects are converted, but some remain to be readded or improved over the coming days. There may be a few new bugs here and there for the moment, but this change will allow much greater efficiency and stability in future. Many effects look nicer too, though this is not yet universal.
Added Override for XNA graphics card check - may allow those older graphics cards to play where they previously couldn't
Fixed Save graphic scales with zoom properly
Fixed Game no longer restarts upon resolution change
Fixed Blaster bot should target enemies more effectively

Now go be memorised by the new pretties - but don't head into the light, curious androids!, it's probably a sun and they burn.

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