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This is to answer the question to many out there who are currently wondering why Imperial Conquest is on Steam instead of on Moddb, and I hope that this article will explain as to why.

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So I am sure a lot of you are wondering while you constantly see updates on the Moddb Page of Imperial Conquest! Yet you don't see any files that link to the mod itself, and you instead have to divert to Steam in order to download it.

Well the reason on why the Mod is not on Moddb, is mainly due to its size, Despite reducing its size a few days ago, the file is still too large for Moddb to handle, therefore because of this issue, we here at Universal Sentra, believe that it would be best for the mod itself to be left alone on Steam, while using this page in order to continue to promote it.

No matter how much I deleted, no matter how hard I tried to compress the mod into a sizable file, Moddb constantly refused it, to the point I saw no point in trying to post this mod on Moddb anymore.

Its not that we refused to place the mod here on Moddb, Its just that it is hard to place anything on Moddb without its size getting in the way, so in order to try and correct this problem, we instead hope to divert many of you who are itching to see or use this mod, to where it truly is located and that is Steam.

However, this does not mean, that this is the end of the mod, in fact it is just the beginning, I currently update the mod on Steam every so often, depending whether I introduce more factions to the Galactic Empire, or do some serious editing to the Earth Resistance factions, If anyone here wishes to ever play the Mod Imperial Conquest, They can find it on Steam, where a link below will be provided.

Remember, you need Galaxy at War Version 0.6 In order for the Star Wars vehicles to function Properly, otherwise they will slide across the field, Be sure to activate Imperial Conquest first, then Galaxy At War Version 0.6.

Star Wars Galaxy At War Version 0.6:

Thank you for listening, and thank you for understanding on why we cannot post the mod here on Moddb.

~2091riveraisrael Leader of Universal Sentra....

Link to Imperial Conquest! Where many can download and play on Men of War Assault Squad 2:

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