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Retro gaming is always with us, all the basis are still here!

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But the answer is another question, why not? I think is the purest look for a game, is not only the nostalgia, is the look that say to me "videogame", I like a lot HD Graphics or 3D, but for me I love 8 bit style, because is when you need to do something really really cool with the gameplay, like the old times.

I grew up with 8 bit systems, that's why I choose to do Nash n` Go on the way of retro gaming, take a taste of Old School:

That´s why the company logo is in pixel art, the music of NNG is chiptune too, I know do a game like this is very simple, but hey, in the past games like that take a lot of work, now we have powerful tools, the limit is our imagination.

I'm from Mexico, and I choose a Jaguar cause I like a lot these felines, I'm still learning and I have a lot of ideas, and I hope if you Mr./Mrs. Reader are in the way of the learning, don 't give up, if you are afraid of if your ideas will work, fear not only out on the world you'll see if they work or need to improve, and for the end, never quit, if is your passion make a game, never quit, do the many games as you can, sorry if my english is broken.

I will continue with the game dev, NNG is the first step, I want to walk more and more and never end.


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