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Does anybody knows why are there no gun mods? I've been playing this awesome game for the last decade and I have never been able to find any mods for this game. Is there anyone who can explain to me why? Gun is an excellent game and mods would make it even better so I can't see a reason why are there no mods for the game except if the game has some kind of technical issue that prevents it from being moded.

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Gun is an awesome game and is one of the only 2 western open world games (the other one being Red Dead Redemption which unfortunatly is console exclusive). I played this game a lot on PS2 back in the day and when I found out Gun is available on pc I imagined that a game like this on PC would offer a lot of modding possibilities. Then I came to the Gun Mod DB page only to find it deserted, no mods. Can anyone explain to me why that is? Why are there no mods for Gun? Is that because no one gives a shit about modding it, or because modding is too difficult, or maybe because Gun is can't be moded? If anyone knows anything about this, please enlighten me. Thank you for your attention.


I was just wondering the same thing. A shame, really :(

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I remember there was a mod for a while that made the game in widescreen. Looks like it was taken down.

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