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Why v 1.3 is taking so long, It contains the changelog for v 1.3, some explenations, and more!

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Here is the list of the new changelog notepad document you will get with Teh Pwn Mod


Change wrote: Teh Pwn Mod V1.3 Change List -

- Terrorist radius damage fix - doesnt hurt your forces any more
- Terrorist weapon damage from 300 to 375 (boost)
- Added Stealth Tank
- Added Tree
- Added Conscript Cannon
- Mammoth Tank Idle and Fire anims now work - Makes it look LOOOOOOADS better
- Mammoth Tank's build time now 25 seconds instead of 30
- Mammoth Tank's Weapon now needs to be looking straight at the enemy to shoot, as it should,
instead of it shooting to the side when the turrets where facing forward before
- Mammoth Tank's weapon do a little more damage
- Mammoth Tank's weapon does a little more splash damage
- Added the Harbinger Gunship for Teh OMGOP Faction
- Panther speed increase (land and water)

You have seen the stealth tank, new pics of the Mammoth tank coming, pics of the conscript cannon coming when i can be bothered finding the conscripts in air model, pics of the tree coming when it decides to work (I think I need one of "JonWe"'s tools to make it work. This is mainy why it is taking so long, plus the fact i recently got "The Orange Box" for PS3 and have been on that loads.

If you want anything changed or added, tell me, i may just change/add it

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