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Decided I need some "help"; read on for more info.

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Hi everyone, time for an update of sorts.
In the last few weeks, I've been having to spend more time studying then I had anticipated.
I've still been able to work on the mod, but I've realised that to continue making progress at a rate I find acceptable, I'm gonna need "help" in regards to the two custom Story-Like GC's I wanted to do.

And when I say "help" it means "Someone who wants to do them for me" (Preferably with some experience)
I had already started them, but lost them both in a HDD crash. (They weren't very good anyway)
If anyone is interested, leave me a PM, comment on this post or send me an e-mail. (
I'll provide some more detail to those who respond, but basically the two GC's boil down to this:
Replaces the Closing On Coruscant GC.
Set just after the battle of Endor.
For Singleplayer.
(It's also mostly non-canon)

- Have to go around taking out the Empires shipyard planets, liberating worlds along the way, discovering a powerful ship hidden in the Vergesso Asteroids.
- Start with Mon Calamari under control, maybe Yavin as well.

- Thrawn is in charge now, the Alliance has pushed the Empire to the brink of destruction.
- Have control of a powerful ship of the same class as that found by the Rebels in the Vergesso Asteroids.
- Controls Coruscant and Fondor.

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