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Ever Wanted to know more bout these crazy loons who call themselves "Team Chivalry" and spend much of their spare time working on the game you love for free?

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Who is Team Chivalry, Why do they do what they do? – Brief Team Biographies

Ever Wanted to know more bout these crazy loons who call themselves "Team Chivalry" and spend much of their spare time working on the game you love for free?

Well lucky for you we're releasing Team Biographies today as a lead in to the upcoming content that will be spilling out over our website, facebook page, youtube page and over the next couple of days. With the collapse of Summer of Mods and Indies event, we felt much of this content still had to make it to the fans somehow so we decided to give it to you ourselves! Oh ya and with each feature we'll be releasing Exclusive never-before-seen images of Work in Progress items!


Team Chivalry currently consists of 18 Team Members with about 9 or 10 of those being core members. You can see our full Roster here: The main reason our team does what we do is that it’s a hobby for us. For some, the love for this game comes from their passion for the era of medieval times, for others the motivation comes from creating something that others will enjoy. Below you can find some brief information on some of the key members that make up Team Chivalry.

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Tibberius Bane, Team Lead: My real name is Steve Piggott and I love working on Age of Chivalry because I have always wanted to play a game like this and anything I can do to help make it a reality I will! I have always enjoyed medieval times and video games so for me, this is an absolute dream come true. My position is “Team Lead” and on top of keeping things organized and making major design decisions I have also played a large role in the level design, hit detection and scripting aspects of our game. I love working with Team Chivalry and I hope this will be something I can continue for a large portion of my life!

Drakir, Level Design: My real name is Rikard Lindgren and this mod is in my blood. Until recently I was the team leader of the mod and also one of the founders, so i have been around since the dawn of day. At the moment I am doing leveldesign and animations, along with 2D art and some modeling. Not sure when my interest in medieval things started, but i think it has been in my veins since i could stand. I’ve Always loved this era and everything about it. Doing this is what i love to do, i would like to say that family comes first... but sometimes it’s hard to tell, if i had to choose between the two it would be a tough call. It is simply an addiction for good and bad. I have always said that I will see this game become what i have always dreamed of, even if i have to do it all by myself. But luckily i dont have too, with all the great friends and incredible talent we have in Team Chivalry!

Justin_Paplus, Character and prop Modeller: My name is Yan Le Gall, the first mod I started working on was "Valandil"(A former medieval third person mod).Drakir and Longshanks were in that mod team too but they felt they could create something better by making some sort of medieval fps instead. I had the same idea in mind and joined their team a bit after on 2005-08-15. Drakir was a great leader and never gave up.

The mod grew up and we are quite proud of what it became. Tibberius Bane, the current leader has started some great work and seems very motivated too .

I made the characters/weapons for the mod and some props with the help of Marquis. I always loved the medieval periods and the fantasy based on these dark times. I drew a lot when I was younger and made a few comics with a friend of mine. I started to work in the game industry in 94 cause it was my second passion. I made a few games that have been published now but none based on the medieval universe and none as motivating as our mod. A special thanks for our coders cause the mod was missing them for so long, there was a time when I thought it could be the end of the mod. Long live AoC!

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Sir Loin, Sound Lead: My name is Ryan Patrick Buckley and I take care of all things audio for Age of Chivalry. I started playing just before 1.1 and fell in love with the game. I admired the look, feel, and and intensity of Age of Chivalry. Already a musician and sound designer, I asked team member and friend Longshanks if I could do anything to help out with sound. It wasn't long before I was cranking out copious amounts of assets and had become obsessed with developing sound for this game. I still feel as passionate about it as I did then. The team is hardworking, talented, and an absolute pleasure to work with. I don't see myself walking away from AoC until all the horses are dead and beaten into unrecognizable piles of gore.

Welcome To Hell, Media and Level Design: My real name is Alex Williams and i discovered Age Of Chivalry a few years ago and been in love with it ever since. I enjoy playing the game as much as i enjoy working on it. Currently i am a full time college student studying computer science. On the team i help out with level design, web development, media, and anything else i am capable of. It has been a real pleasure dealing with team chivalry for past couple of years because it is composed of talented, highly motivated individuals from all around the world.

Lorem Ipsum, Programmer: My name's Hayden Jackson, and I'm a new coder. I started playing AoC last summer, loved it, saw it had a long future ahead of it and an active team, and I joined in January, starting with grunt work tweaks, growing in my skill, until adding new features on my own, such as the objective markers and record notifications. I'm 17 and planning to go study CS in college late 2010. This mod is not complete; there is so much more we can do with it, and we have the team to carry the mod even further.

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Wraiyth, Lead Programmer: My name is Matt Stafford, and I've been with Team Chivalry since July 2008. As a long time Source engine modder (previously working on the now defunct NightFall mod), I joined the team with a fair amount of experience but never with a successful release under my belt. My primary goal when joining the team was to be a part of a great mod and know what it felt like to release a mod. Admittedly I'd never really played Age of Chivalry before joining the team, but knew of the mod through Longshanks.
For me, the experience of working with this team and being a part of a great, successful mod is something that I hope will set me up for a career in game development. I've been given some fantastic opportunities (such as the chance to work with Steamworks). Age of Chivalry constantly challenges me to learn new things in all aspects of modding, from programming to design and, most importantly, communication skills. Working with other skilled developers from all parts of the world, and of all ages, is a great learning experience. CR3 holds some exciting challenges and features, so I hope everyone is looking as forward to playing it as I am to making it

Sir Balian, Level Design: My name is Félix Frenette, I'm 22 and I'm a level designer among Team Chivalry.

I've been around playing aoc since the early betas and I fell immediately in love with the game for it's uniqueness and harsh time period. As a huge medieval lover and an ever growing passion for medieval weapons (yes, I collect them ), architecture and outdoor environments, I couldn't help myself to start working for aoc to try recreate the best levels I had in mind for this era.

It always been for me, in terms of gameplay and scenery, a real challenge and also a real pleasure to work and re-create all the levels with melee combat mechanics as the core gameplay of the game. Levels that are especially fun everyone, fun for all the hardcore ones (like me) or certainly fun for any commoner trying to achieve a true moment of glory on the battlefield.

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Longshanks, Level Design: I'm Scott Chipman and I've been working on Age of Chivalry since its inception. Originally I joined Valandil as a texture artist and met Drakir there, alongside Justin Paplus and some of our other founding members who are no longer with us. Drakir and I both decided that Valandil was not heading in the direction we wanted to go in, so we decided to start up Age of Chivalry after some early design conceptualizing. We had many debates initially when we first formed about whether we build a more realistic historic melee game, or follow a more fantastical route, as we had recently been inspired by games like Oblivion. Eventually we decided to be more creative with our approach and created factions using our own ideas and concepts which is what you see in the game today. This has been great for us as a team because it allows us to create atmospheres and environments that can both be fantasy or medieval in nature. If we had chosen to stick entirely with a historical approach I'm not sure the game would have been received as well as it has been.

My role on the team has shifted drastically over the years, initially I coded some of the very first pieces of our gameplay, including objectives, the oilpot, a very primitive form of the longbow (which has since been much improved!) and several other elements that remain in one form or another to this day. I've also worked on several maps over the course of my time with the team and created many textures that you see in the game world. Lastly, I made a lot of the early gameplay decisions as one of the primary designers.

The experience that Age of Chivalry has given me has benefited me greatly as I have been working in the game industry for over a year now and I try my best to continue to stay involved with what the team has been doing. Steve (Tibberius) has been doing a great job leading the game design in new directions and I'm looking forward to hopefully adding more of my creations to CR3 for the players!

StJoris, Modeller: My name is Joris Hoogeboom, I'm 20 and a somewhat recent addition to the art team.

Before I joined this team I've been working very hard to get something similar off the ground, after 1.5 year we realised a two man team and custom engine wasn't the way to go. When I found this game I instantly loved it, it was what I wanted to create earlier. After seeing the impressive track record and the immense amount of coordinated effort, I couldn't resist jumping in!

At the moment I'm designing and creating first person game assets because I like the fact that they are on-screen 100% of the time. It pushes you to do good work, because every bit that's off will definitely be noticed the whole time.

I'm an architecture undergraduate that likes to dabble in game design and game art. Although at first sight an odd combination they are actually very much related.

Not sure if this is appropriate, but including it anyway:

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Enra, Programmer: My name is Arne Sikström and I joined the team in the beginning of 2007 after a simple question from Drakir to help out with some coding in the mod. It turned out to be a lot of work but after the 1.0 release I felt that it was worth the effort so I stayed on to handle the coding and to introduce some more professional ways of working.

The game is fun to play but it's even more fun to create, best parts for me is when a new feature like the head decaps works and I can see the gamers response to it. Many developers dream of fame and fortune, I dream of the day when the bot code is so good that you will start chatting with the bots and ask them to join your clan.

Live by the code, die by the code.

Arrowofdarkness, Programmer: My name is Steven Meyer and I joined the team at the end of 2009. I was looking for a team to join and I decided to put in an app to my favorite mod team. I was surprised a few days later when they said they'd love to have me.

We're working on some great features right now, and CR3 will be absolutely amazing, I am glad I have a chance to be a part of what is one amazing team.

I also work on a couple side projects, including a reincarnation of the old school game Operation: Inner Space.

Marquis, Prop Modeller: My name is Mark Haly and I joined Team Chivalry back in 2005. My main job for AOC has been the making of Prop models, although I have also made a few small maps (Tombs & FightPub).
Before I joined AOC I had been making player skins and models for the original Half Life game, which included working on the mod "Battlegrounds 40K".

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The next update will feature a brief glimpse at what some goals the Team has for the game and a look at the history of how we have gotten to where we are today so stay tuned for more information! Oh and I almost forgot to mention, the next feature will expose some shots of the new skin for the Crusader class also coming in CR3!


yeah! Thats rock!!
Nice work and good luck Team Chivalry!
I play this mod sine 2 years and I think this is gonna best Multiplayer game EVER

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It was really fun knowing you all better and , it was really fun reading how you got into Team Chivalry! and how your are interested in medieval.

Goodluck fellas!!

Am glad your all medieval fans , heheh.

I myself just love swords and spears more then I love guns.

Once again it was really nice knowing you all better!!

Great job on the mod fellas!!
You love medieval that you actually managed to make one of the best mods , most active mod and one of the best gameplay mod ever made on steam/moddb!!

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