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So i'm trying something different with this mod. A horror in brightly lit areas. I know alot of people probably wont like this idea but hear me out.

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Almost all horrors are always set in dark areas, so for a change i thought it'll be intresting to see if i could make a good horror in light settings. There will be dark areas like a few vents and such but they'll be pretty rare.

Anyway, how am i going to achieve this? (hopefully):
Well i want encounters with the enemy's to be rare. also there will be no HUD or weapons, so your only option is to run and hide.
Hopefully this will build up tension in the lonely atmosphere of the mod and shock the player more when he/she encounters a mutant suddenly jumping out of a closet.

This mod will also include multiple endings to keep every play through fresh. But DiddyHop, The scares will just get old if you expect them. Well yes they would, so i'm making the scares spawn randomly. One play through you may get scared by a mutant jumping at you from a staircase above you, others, it may not spawn.

The random scares will not be often just to keep them unexpected.

Constructive cristism only please.

UPDATE: To keep the game entertaining through the seemingly empty areas, i may include some dark comedy elements.

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