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Hey, listen! Welcome to Whimsical Witchery. A game that let's you take up broom and brew as the friendly forest witch.

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So what do you do in Whimsical Witchery?

Well, like in any good(?) platforming/adventure game - you have goals. In Whimsical, you get quests from villagers who need a quick fix to their issues in life. If it so be a potion to freeze their meat quicker, or a potion that makes them more beautiful, isn't relevant - only the gold. Those villagers will soon learn that quick fixes tend to have...whimsical consequenses.

But to brew, we need ingredients. Where do we find these, you ask? Well firstly we have the Mystical forest, not yet chopped down by villagers for fuel and furniture. Then there are the misty mountaintops to the north, I believe there used to be,, I can't remember. Anyways, they're extinct now. Oh, yes, the drenched swamp as well - not much to say here, it's a swamp...With BOUNCY mushrooms.

Alright, ingredients gathered! Back to the cabin and brew, brew, BREW!

Sneak into the village at night and try your concotion out on unknowing villagers. Stay away from the nights watchmen though!

If you got it right, then brew another and get some gold!

Potions have interesting effects to say the least, stay tuned for more information. Until then you'll have to stare into these two crystals you can use for all sorts of shenanigans!

crystal option2 IndieDb

Brew safely, witches!

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