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In this screen-capture video of Hero of Legends, you get a look at background story of this RPG game in addition to many of the game aspects, such as customizing and selecting your initial elemental powers and acquiring new Heroes for you card deck.

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So far I've focused on the inspiration of card games as the inspiration for the battle system of the game, but the inspiration found its way into the very story of the game as well. The entire plot of this classic "unlikely hero" story is meshed with the collection of the Legend Cards.

Imagine a world where certain individuals have extreme powers. Of course we can because most of our comic books, cartoons, and fantasy/sci-fi stories start with that very idea. In this world, those individuals are the main players in a tug-of-war between Chaos and Order. You begin the story on the cusp of what proves to end that struggle.

In the video below what you see consists of the opening storyline and gameplay footage. As you progress throughout the game you will acquire new cards from enemies and allies alike. You meet the characters that the cards represent and you take full control of their power.

Thank you for sharing your time. Please support the project with a watch, a comment or a share! After a great response from the first article, I am hard at work on creating a demo. Please let me know what aspect of the game you would like to know more about.

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