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It has been a little while now since I initially stated the next Alpha version would be released yet it has still not come! Trust me, there is a very good reason and I felt the need to offer an explanation for those who have been waiting for it. Give me a few minutes of your time and I will explain.

The main reason for the long delay is the change in the title scene, I decided to move it from the forest (which is a free roam level) to inside of the kittens houses in the kitten city for the story mode, thus establishing the story modes beginning and a comfortable area for the customization of the kittens accessories for free roam mode.

Now you may be wondering "ok.... so what's the issue?", well there is no real problem only that I am currently waiting on the kitten houses model to be completed, getting the design just right took a little time and some trial/errors. My main concern is the quality of this next release, the initial Alpha releases were very basic and initially testers to see how people liked the game idea.

This next release I will be putting up for sale on steam and I feel if I am going to ask for payment, I should be providing a quality experience. So I am waiting until everything falls into place for the title scene before releasing the next Alpha, hopefully this next build should give you all a bit better idea of what is in store.

KSA Alpha v0.4 Release Time: 1 Month or less (March 1st to March 12th)

Further release information will be publicized when available.

I appreciate everyone's patience and understanding in this matter, I will do my best to make the game awesome and fun!!



Haha, awesome news! Take your time and polish everything you have to. There's no rush. I'm sure this will be a hit on Steam and a lot of people will buy the game for sure!

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