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By: ashadttt not actionmaker2321 or anything......

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You might be wondering where the heck is v.1.3.3 of the mod, well the mod is still not quite finish yet but it is ready to be released as a early access but the problem with that is how long it takes to upload I'm not sure if moddb has fixed any problems with the upload file, but there are a few problems I've been having trying to upload it, I will try again if it doesn't work I will try it on a different site or something... we promise to release the early access as you might know there are somethings you don't need to do to improve the game for example patching it because we got that covered

-patches from 1.3.2 are currently added in, so there's no point in replacing anything in the files

-a few textures though needs to be improved so we will start doing that,

eventually the patch for the 1.3.3 of the mod will be released soon as we release the early new version

we may just add in the improved textures to the patch instead of the game...

so sorry for the waiting the game is still being work on for you guys that are concerned about it.

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