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This is a small note to those who download the Mod off Steam, I get many questions on where the factions are located, well I can tell you that they are a lot easier to find then you think, But I will tell you this, they are not in MP, so don't bother looking there, instead look down below on how you can find each faction, either with or without Galaxy at War 0.6 Installed after you have activated Imperial Conquest on your Men of War.

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In order to find each and every faction once you activate Imperial Conquest on its own you head immieadeitly to Human, then click where it says faction, from there it will take you to where it says Imperial Conquest! Click it, and it will show you where all of the Earth Factions are, including the Rebellion and Galactic Imperial forces. Be advised, that the factions are no longer in MP, the reason I chose to put them in Single, is because I couldn't move them to MP. Now if you have both Imperial Conquest and Galaxy at War activated, then conduct the same exact thing, go to where it says Human, and once again go to Factions, and you will find everything once again.

This is for those who have trouble finding out where the factions are, and where to look for them.

Now comes to the location of where vehicles are, so listen very close.

The only thing that you have to learn now, is where it comes to vehicles, is when you activate the Imperial Conquest Mod, go to where it says Imperial Conquest while on Editor, click it and you will find the vehicles of Earth, the Galactic Empire and Rebellion, however, if you have Galaxy At War 0.6 Activated as well, then the Star Wars vehicles will no longer be in Imperial Conquest section, the only thing that will be left there will be the Earth Vehicles, in order to get the Imperial vehicles and Rebellion Vehicles you will have to go and look for them through the Galaxy at War spot where they have the vehicles as they will be there like every other Galaxy at War Version, but this is only if you have Galaxy at War 0.6 Activated, as you need it for the vehicles of Star Wars to operate and blow up properly, unless you don't mind with dealing with sliding walkers.

But yes, I hope that this will help new comers of this mod know on where to go in order to locate the factions and vehicles for Imperial Conquest, rather with or without Galaxy at War 0.6 Activated.
Thanks for listening.


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