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A brief summary of what's been going on, and why it's been quiet here.

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Ah... Crap, guys. A lot's going on in my life right now (as is for you guys, too, I'm sure). I'm honestly not feeling like keeping up with GMOD 10 Beta. As it currently stands, I'm only one guy, and with one guy comes infinite setbacks.

If you guys want to keep the spirit of this piece of history alive, by all means, do everything y'all can. Learn the ins-and-outs of the mod itself and just come up with fantastic ideas. As of right now, however, it looks like it's on life support. It also doesn't help that there's another GMod 10 out there already.

The point of this mod was to bring a little piece of lost history to the fans of Garry's Mod -- the fans that have played Garry's Mod since its inception, and right now I'm not sure it's worth the upkeep. And, even if I wanted to, one thing leads to another. I'm an artist and writer. I'd rather be doing those two things than try to keep this thing updated. If SteamPipe didn't break everything, this might've been a different story. We'll never know.

Until I figure out what I'm doing, to those who do care about this preservation of gaming history, I won't be updating this mod for quite a while.

Stay frosty.

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