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A new MacenWolf patch and a new MacenWolf scenario. Don't you love more MacenWolf in your life?

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More content and better content - that's the name of the game today.

Truth be told, I wasn't going to post anything at this point in time; I wanted a slightly longer break. However, a bug report sent in by TYYT69 (thanks!) spurred me into action, and I spurred Nexion into action, and here we are. MacenWolf 1.19 fixes a number of minor issues; most notably, some HUD faces will now display correctly and the automap has been further improved. Download here:

Download Second Encounter patch 1.19

MacenWolf 1.19 Patch for Second Encounter

Download Third Encounter patch 1.19

MacenWolf 1.19 Patch for Third Encounter

We also have a freshly ported scenario for you! Jon Wigand is a name familiar for most every Mac Wolfer. His mod called The Eagles Nest is a 15-floor mapset for the Third Encounter. No new graphics or sounds, just a mixture of maps, some of which are compact, with many close quarters fights with numerous enemies, and some... some frankly look like WolfMaker output. I can't be certain, but I have this nagging feeling. Nonetheless, even if some of the content is procedurally generated, some floors are certainly made by hand and from scratch.

Storyline: The Eagles Nest is widely known as Adlerhorst, Adolf Hitler's German headquarters, a bunker complex somewhere in the Taunus mountains. You're sent in to carry out a sneak attack, dish out as much destruction as possible, then escape alive. Fight your way from bottom to top, encountering more and more enemies and bosses along the way. Don't expect an easy victory.

Jon Wigand

eagles 1

eagles 2

The Eagles Nest

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