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Come find out if you have what it takes to become the Wheelbarrow Warrior! Read our introduction to Wheelbarrow Warrior prior its upcoming release on Steam.

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About Wheelbarrow Warrior

In a celtic-inspired land where the kingdom has fallen and the peasants have fled to the safety of the local farm, you must wield the only tool available to fight back the countless hordes of fomorian enemies: the Wheelbarrow.

Can you master the wheelbarrow and become the fabled Wheelbarrow Warrior of legend?

Attack enemies and overcome challenging bosses to learn new wheelbarrow combos. If you master the timings, you can indeed become the Wheelbarrow Warrior that was promised. Along your journey, you may need to find other uses for your wheelbarrow, including throwing bombs back at enemies or picking up seeds in the wheelbarrow to help the farm grow more and unlock mini-games!

Wheelbarrow Warrior is an action adventure game, where you can play single-player or in local couch co-op, with keyboard and mouse or controllers.


  • -Powerful Wheelbarrow Attacks!
  • -7 Unique Combos!
  • -7 Challenging Enemy Types!
  • -3 Puzzle-like Bosses waiting to be solved!
  • -6 Fantastic Environmental Levels
  • -3 Fun and Challenging Mini-games
  • -Wheelbarrows
  • -Multiple Character Skins
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