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Looking for people's opinions and feedback as we move forward into classroom creation.

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Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've posted. Most of my work has either been on making things run faster, or changing from my terribly bad button system to my new, nicely organized one.

The practice track is exactly where I'm satisfied with it right now, and I'm going to be working on adding classes. Not sure exactly how this is going to turn out, but I think people will build classrooms, fill them with desks and other classroom flotsam and then hire a teacher. I can't decide if it would be best to have people be able to choose what spells are taught in a class, and then build it as they like with the build changing the effectiveness of how well they can cast them, or if items put in a classroom will dictate the curriculum. What do you guys think?

I'd like to open up a discussion about that.-

* How would you like to build your magic classrooms?
* What classes are you looking forward to?
* Would you rather build from scratch, or alter a blue print?
* What should improve and detract from student performance in class?

Feel free to tweet at me, or leave a comment here. I'd love to hear what you think. If we get enough attention I can open up the forum here. Thanks guys!


I would like to build a bluprint.

For example: I Draw a outerline for the classroom, choose were the door is and windows.
lets say i draw 10x10 square, A desk take up 1 or 2 squares, Teachers desk 2-3 and so on.

Students performance is determine by how big the class is, whats in the room and so on.

Exaple: i choose to put a lot of windows in the room for natural light and and i dont need to spend money on buing chandeliers.
(Pro lots of light. Con. Students concentration is lowerd.)

solution is to have few students so the teacher can see when someone is daydreaming.

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codyrigby Author

Great ideas. We're on the same brainwave on this!

I think the bigger the better will definitely be a rule of thumb, at least until a certain point, I think I'm going to have the desks further away be another factor, as well as if it has the correct bookshelves or objects for the class.

I like the idea of students daydreaming, I hadn't thought about that, though I've tossed around the ideas of cheating, being a teachers pet,leaving for a bathroom break and falling asleep.

Thanks for the feedback, I'll keep you posted as things progress.

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