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With 0.35 on it's way it's time to shed some light on some of the changes in store.

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A few weeks ago I announced Beta 0.35.
The intention of this beta is to address some issues that weren't addressed with the last beta and to work some more on balancing.

An amount of realism has been added to the mod now with Structures now having improved health and armour.
Health for most structures has been increased around 5 times and the Armour has been improved for structures.
Now Structures will be harder for Infantry,Archers,Cavalry and Pikes to take down.
Heroes will still be able to deal decent damage to structures and some will have bonus damage on structures.

Other changes are being made such as cost increases in higher end structures like Stables,Troll Cages and Siege works.

Work on 0.35 continues and it is looking to be bigger than anticipated.

If you know bugs that should be addressed or think that something should be rebalanced be sure to post it in the forums so I can look into it.

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