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What this is, what its purpose is, and what you can expect.

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Sooo, it was about time I posted this on IndieDB. I uploaded a playable demo which should be authorized soon. Don't expect a finished game! Not even an alpha really, it's the bare minimum. There's but one way to complete it, and it showcases one or two cool mechanics.

So what's the purpose?
I'd love to get feedback from people. Subjective ( boo! No aliens! ) and objective ( hey, ... is bugged! ). Don't like the way something works/plays? Please tell me! That, and I needed a place to refer people to, instead of hosting it on a Raspberry Pi on my home network.

And what can we expect?
I'm working on a different project in tandem with this one. But I like the concept of this game. You can expect me to upload a new version with bugfixes and new content maybe every other week. What does this mean for the game? Well, I intend to keep adding new mechanics. My goal is to have a prototype/demo in which the player can accomplish his mission in multiple ways. After that, more missions/scenarios.

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