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Quick article on the next version of UMSC and the huge big fixes as well as the change log so far!

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So what is the next version?

Good question, there's been some hype and some confusion over the next version of UMSC. I'm here to clear all that up. Basically, we we're originally releasing version 0.21 as part of the "Pre-Alpha" stage. However, we got carried away completely and fixed/added so much stuff, we now consider UMSC to be in it's "Alpha" stage, consider it matured!

What does that mean for UMSC? An alpha version?

Yes! Exactly that. We're extremely excited to release this alpha however we need to iron out the kinks first, we don't want to release something that barely works do we? So, I've included the changelog so far:

+ Added more supported routers for port forward (beta)
+ Added rollback option
+ Added more security
+ Added task timers
+ Added support for Minecraft 1.8.8
+ Added support for Adventure mode
+ Added new links to .JAR links
+ Added options form
+ Added backup settings
+ Added snapshot support (beta)
+ Added ads (can be switched off)
+ Added RudeStar account integration
+ Updated world seed, no longer necessary
+ Updated Start Screen
+ Updated logo
+ Updated bug report form (now requires email)
+ Updated entire code for updater
+ Updated entire code for loading properties
+ Fixed server testing
+ Fixed Server Test memory leaks
+ Fixed bug where multiple forms could be opened
+ Fixed servers not using 64-bit java
+ Fixed support for 64-bit java
+ Fixed Vanilla/CraftBukkit playerlist not working
+ Fixed a bug where renaming UMSC would break the updater

Alpha, coming soon!

We're also looking to support Mac in the future as well so there's that! Probably not in Alpha however.

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