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A new challenge that I'm gonna try and accomplish with GameMaker: Studio.

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So just after I released One Night with Chica, I thought about how One Night with Freddy/Foxy would turn out, and I didn't think it would go so well because in Five Nights at Freddy's, Freddy and Foxy both have a fixed path that they must follow. (e.g. if Freddy is in the Dining Area, he can't go the East Hall or Kitchen instantly, he has to go the Restrooms first, then the Kitchen, and then the East Hall. Foxy has to go forward constantly and can't break his routine, only Bonnie and Chica can do that).

After this game is fully done, (which I think it is) I will try and begin working on a full animatronic control game. It will be like a full Freddy Fazbear's Pizza simulator where you take control of all the animatronics at the same time. I don't know if I might be able to, but I just might. In the mean time if I have any time, I might upgrade One Night with Bonnie to give it more of the One Night with Chica layout. To me One Night with Bonnie felt kinda rushed with the out of place text and it just didn't have that FNaF kind of feel. If I can't be bothered remastering One Night with Bonnie during making the new game I might try make a new One Night with Springtrap game, set in FNaF 3, where you take control of Springtrap and the phantoms. The full on animatronic game I plan to make will be called "One Night with the Fazbear Crew". If it sounds bad, sorry, because I like that name for it. Until I either remaster One Night with Bonnie, make One Night with Springtrap or One Night with the Fazbear Crew, see you then!


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