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Public voting is taking place once more! Visit our FORUMS to cast you vote on what you'd like to see next in Pokémon World 3D.

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We at Golden Rose Studios want to take our Pokémon game to the next level. In order to do that we want to implement new features that have yet to be seen in a Pokémon fan game, whether they were avoided or failed attempts. Since we are confident that we are up to the task we would like to hear from you. We have opened our polls once more to get your feedback. There are three areas that our development team is presently looking into.

First, "items found in the field", is in the running. Working on this feature will allow players to find items throughout their journey. These items range anywhere from dropped Poké Balls to plucking berries from bushes. The development team has tossed this suggestion into the poll simply because it would be interesting to break away from the current singular ability to capture and battle Pokémon.

Secondly, fishing is on the table. The team has suggested this item for polling, because of its complexity and monotony-breaking capability. Players presently can only seek out wild Pokémon in the field to battle and capture, but fishing for (Water type) Pokémon is also a staple of the Pokémon genre.

Finally, there's evolution. The team is really excited about this feature. Not only has it not been seen in any fan game to do, but it's a very complex feature to implement into a 3D Pokémon game. Again though, the team is confident in presenting to the public an amazing implementation of this system. With all of that said, head on over to our FORUMS to cast you vote on what you'd like to see next in Pokémon World 3D.


Really like how the team asks user imput on what to develop next, never seen anything like this, super impressive :)
Keep up the good work!

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I'm an Italian guy, so sorry English is not perfect XD

Thank you for the work you do. My advice is to focus on only one region (Kanto), and maybe leave a small door where then connect the other. So the work is more manageable ^^.

Ps: I can say that use keys ?! I do not understand what I have to do> _ <
Maybe if you could put a sheet inside the folder with the instructions, would be the best XD

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DRRosen3 Author

Thanks for your input and appreciation. The team definitely has a work-flow in place to make things manageable considering the vastness of the Pokemon universe.

Directions for how to play in the pre-Alpha can be found here >>>

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well,I have seen a similar project that was under going but closed for a certain reason,but still you can get an inspiration from it. it is called,


and I think you should also add a story plot as well as multiplayer.
I am very excited to see the project going keep up the good work..

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DRRosen3 Author

As with any good MMO we will feature some story-driven gameplay. The second "M" in MMO does denote multiplayer. Glad to hear your excitement!

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