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Now that we've released version 1.00 to the public, what's next for Conflict Terra? Further balance, addition of gameplay features, polishing of the game, and stylized maps are on the horizon.

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Conflict Terra has finally made it. Now that we're released, the Development Team's agenda is growing, and we have a lot on our plate. I just wanted to let the modDB followers have an idea of what we're looking at. For a more objective idea of what we have to work on, you can always view the Issues page on our googlecode site to see exactly what we use to organize our workload.

  • Balance - Balance is obviously a major concern for Conflict Terra, and will be for a long, long time. Gameplay issues have been appearing in every game the Development Team's been a part of, and we're excited to further hammer out the problems.
  • Gameplay Direction - The direction we want to take the game is important, and maintaining that direction is critical. Unfortunately, sifting through the feedback and making sure we can maintain that direction is difficult. We aim to take the game in a direction where slower gameplay is punctuated with requiring the right unit for the job, instead of a stair-step army where there is a one and only ultimate.
  • Polishing of the Game - There are still bugs, and intentionally untampered parts of the game, that linger in the source. Ironing these out are of course important. Strengthening our game's graphical presence is also important, and steps are being made to do just that. A great example is our adoption of the Outline widget found in XTA. This adds a stylish bold outline around the silhouette of all our units, making them look even better.
  • Maps - We stated a long time ago that we were trying to get some stylized maps out there, so our units don't look out of place on the fine, detailed maps already made by the Spring Community. We're finally reaching a point where this will soon be realized. A reliable way to achieve this look, and our foray into making map Features (rocks, trees, miscellaneous objects on the map) have greatly helped this.
  • New Units - Now that the game is in the public's eyes, the idea of remodeling some of the earlier made units has come up. Redesigning and re-envisioning some of the stylistically weaker units could definitely strengthen the game where it sags. Dramatically reworking the NKG, at least in the way the faction is structured in the beginning of a game, has also been talked about. Updates on this will be issued if necessary, but rest assured the current setup is fully functional.
So, go ahead and play the game, and tell us what you think!
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