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Come inside and see what we have created with new balance and new visuals. Live on HD in 2020.

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1 - 31 NEW ORIGINAL Civilizations with rearranged bonuses to make them more unique, including consolidating units like hand cannons, camels, elephants, etc to one empire.

2 - Balancing for fantasy realism, including limits on certain buildings and units taking up more than 1 population.

3 - Empires which are made up of 3 civilizations that share unique units and bonuses.

4 - Team techs that encourage players to choose civilizations from the same empire but are variable enough to encourage crafty mash ups.

5 - Realistic siege weapons that are much more powerful and much more expensive / slower to create / higher population and can massively swung the outcome of a game.

6 - Wizards that change how close combat can be made, as hard counters to most units.

7 - Long range extended from 8/12 range to 18/20 range.

8 - Buffed relics as viable gold source.

9 - Buffed trade carts to 2x carry capacity 2 pop.

10 - Buffed building armor, need special units or Siege to take buildings down efficiently.

11 - Buffed Monks to encourage monk viability.

12 - Finally tons of fantasy units like Minotaurs, Centaurs, Orcs, Dragons and more !!!

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