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After working all day some major game features and improvements have been made. I'll be continuing to work for the rest of the night on the game and on the Indiegogo page. If you have any questions or comments let me know, I'll answer back asap.

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After working all day the games come really far. For the longest time I was having issues with the zombie spawning, which after about 2 hours straight of trial and hour and fixed. Along with that I also added a lot more including building selection. Allowing you to view details about buildings, and allows you to Clear and Claim a building, making it part of your safe haven. I'll go into that in details below. I'm really glad the games come so far, I wasn't planning on doing much of this until I got my Indiegogo campaign ready, but like I said on my twitter, I was inspired and so I got a lot done today. Here's a bit more details on all of it.

Whats been Done Today

-Clearing and Claiming: In the Dead Upon Us you not only can build structures but use already existing ones. Certain buildings that have been destroyed or are too large aren't claimable, but smaller stores, homes and apartments are. When claiming a building you lose the ability to search for supplies inside it, but gain the ability to use it for different purposes. A store, when claimed, becomes a StoreHouse allowing you to hold more food and water resources. The StoreHouse can be made into an Armory to hold munitions and weapons or can be converted into a bar. Bars are used to increase your SoM of your survivors (SoM = State of Mind, the higher it is the more bonuses you get) other then that purpose they are pointless and aren't needed early on.

Homes are used for what they're meant to be used for, living. Each survivors needs sleep, and as long as you have homes they will generate energy as long as the survivors are within the Safe Haven. Homes can hold between 4-6 people, if you have too many people you will not generate enough energy for everyone and the extra's will become weaker. Homes can though be converted into BunkHouses which double the amount of beds at the cost of some SoM points. People don't like being scrunched together. And lastly it can be converted into a Medical Suite to treat the ill and wounded(except bite victims, that's why you have guns). Medical Suites also generate some SoM points, everyone likes health care.

As of now that's the only upgrades available. As I continue development more will arise.

-Zombie Spawning: As I said this has been fixed and is working, the only issue with the zombies is they aren't mobile unless a survivor is near by. I'm still working to have them wander around on their own.

-Airdropped Supplies: This is sort of a World Event that will occur. Randomly an airdrop of supplies will come in. Everyone on the map including npc's will be notified. If you get to these well guarded supply crates you'll be rewarded with lots of resources and sometimes rare items(weapons, medicine, etc)

I'm still continuing with the work for today, though I may just work on the Indiegogo campaign for the rest of the night. With the support I can get from you guys through Indiegogo I'll be able to have days like today more often and the beta will be released on here sooner then you think.

As always, thanks everyone. Questions or Ideas? Comment or message me, I'll get back to them asap.

-Joseph Lazar

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